Friends of Chuck welcome here

Do you remember when they called Bill Clinton's friends FOB for Friends of Bill?  This is F.O.C.


From the picture above, If you know me you can probably guess where my favorite place in California is

I meet Billy before the concert 8-9-2023

I learn to dance at the beginning and then we meet at the one minute mark for those of you with short attention spans

Smashing Pumpkins Tonight Tonight

8-9-2023 Concert at 5 points amphitheater in Irvine CA

Smashing Pumpkins 1979

8-9-23 concert featuring the song 1979

Smashing Pumpkins - California vibe

A break in the music as friends reunite

Smashing Pumpkins up close

Rocking it stage front

Smashing Pumpkins Cali Rap

Smashing Pumpkins

Tears For Fear concert video 1
Tears For Fears concert video 2
Tears For Fears concert video Seeds of Love
Tears For Fears concert video 4
Tears For Fears concert video 5
Tears For Fears concert video 6
Tears For Fears concert video 7

Secret World


My friend Linda

Linda is an amazing Yoga teacher who exudes positive energy


Yoga is good for you. The key word is YOU.

Click for daily motivation

L.A.'s top reporter

A reporter - not a stalker (get your head out of the trash) I taught Matt Drudge how to be a reporter when he lived in Hollywood California

Watch me in the early days

Story of my life

1970's CLASSIC - love the intensity!!!

The lyrics just take me back

Baker Street

Cold Play Just Like This

Modern Fun (guys version)

Techno version

Hyper Bass Version

Best techno version

Gee Chuck, Where's your favorite artist?

I first saw Sting in Minneapolis around 1987. My reaction was like the old videos where fans cry their eyes out upon seeing the beetles! Remember those clips? And then of course we just had to drive to Winnipeg to see him in Canada too

A note from my buddy

Every cake you bake

Sting is watching you

Message in a bottle 2023

Sting Interview

#1 Police song

Visit Heartbeat City


If I was the President of the United States, the first thing I'd do is address the problem the whole world has ignored.  One man imprisons a nation and we all ignore it because it's neatly  contained in a country we don't need, They don't make our precious I-Phones so as far as  you are concerned they can just suffer and die because it's not your problem.  

Do you dare watch?

Read the Hunter Biden Indictment

If you believe everyone must obey the law you can read the first of many Biden indictments

Biden Indictment 1 of many to come

My Hero

I always liked the bravado of this guy on the left that whips out the machine gun at the Reagan assassination attempt.

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